Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jungle Hunger

I haven't been posting much lately. Its not because I'm not committed. Its just because I'm doing finals. I really care about getting good marks. I consider it the only job i have to do and i do it pretty well.

Sometimes i stop studying to go to Ramallah and enjoy other programs. Today after 4 hours of studying i visited the meet hub.

MEET (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow) is a program that i joined a year ago. Its an amazing program that brings promising Arab and Israeli students to study computer science and entrepreneurship. Till now i think they made a mistake by getting me in. You see i don't get the promising part.

Its a very challenging program. They make us make games from scratch using gibberish called python and present our projects to important people. Last year, in the summer i presented my 3D printing project to the manager of Facebook in Tel Aviv. It was quite exciting really.

I am always encouraged by this program. Everybody there is extremely smart. They all have strong personalities and all agreeable. I'm discouraged by CS. I always try to at least finish a line of code without an error but i mostly need help from anybody that is of 1m around me. Believe me the point that i am in in CS makes anybody able to help me.

3 sessions ago they asked us to make a breakout game. I came up with the idea of jungle hunger. A monkey (ball) is trying to eat the fruits (bricks) by bouncing off a trampoline (pedal). I worked with a team of 5 to make up the coding for the classes, collisions, borders and bouncing.
I seem to have lead a successful team. Tonight at 7:30 we presented the only finished game between 3 other groups . It took us around 9 hours to finish. Everybody was amazed by the game specially because i am in the team. I must say that my two other team mates Anan and Yaniv worked their butts off while i observed.
I find working with a team very challenging and this is an important part of meet. One of our values is to embrace teamwork for me that is quite difficult. By nature i like to lead but in meet I'm supposed to step back and let others shine and explore the great pleasure of ordering people around. In this project i discovered the perfect balance of leading and working hard. its not just bossing around now its advising and organizing.

The instructor was very proud of us and encouraged us to go even further on this game.
Just like every week i went back home completely tired and cold. Now I'm tucked in bed, a cat that my mother found on the street (thats a long story) is purring next to me and I'm enjoying how perfect chemistry is with my warm Harvard sweatshirt and a cup of anise with chamomile.

Hope everything is going well with everybody.
Good night.

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