Friday, April 15, 2016

A night with "rich" folks

My family and i were invited to a birthday party for a person I've never seen in my life considering it was supposed to be an intimate occasion we weren't really up to it. The party was supposed to happen at my mothers friends house, she personally invited her so my mom couldn't say no .

Its a habit of my mom to take us anywhere she goes.It brings some pros and cons but nonetheless we had to go. I was up for it really i knew that the family has a cute 10 month year old boy named sam.

It took us 50 minutes to arrive to their home it is a little bit after tel aviv in a village named Qolenswah. On the way my family and i enjoyed some arab songs. Growing up i felt embarrassed by arab songs and refused to join in with my family.  Now i take it as a chance to feel like i belong somewhere. Like it or not arab world Palestinians are still arabs. 

The people were supposed to be rich. Getting in to their village was a shock. It looked worse than a camp so we didn't expect anything. I actually expected to see a ruined home just like my grand mothers in azzeh camp. 

Ohh was i wrong. The house was fascinating with everything my family and i wish to own in a house (i have to say mashallah) it had a pool and a sauna basically it had everything. 

Living in jerusalem means that you dont own anything because everything is expansive. Its a way that israel uses to make us want to get out of the country. To own a small apartment in Jerusalem you either have to be very rich or live in debt your whole life so basically most jeruslamites live in rent which is also expensive not forgetting the arnona which is tax for living on the amazing whole soil of jerusalem. They make me feel like I'm living in Chateau de Versailles. 
What i want to deliver is how impossible it is for a family like mine to own a house so seeing a house like what i saw today was exceptional. I enjoyed it while it lasted 

For the first time ever other families brought their kids a long. There were 3 other "teens" ranging from 13 to 19. They are what we are supposed to call them "class" the ones that use english 3/4 of the time while they can deliver their sentences better in arabic and go to extremely expensive schools. I found them very shallow and uninteresting believe me i preferred the 10 month old kid at least he wasn't giving me looks and showing me how of an important rank he is. 
Some of their parents weren't even better. Some were exceptionally dull and shallow. Faking everything specially their so called american accent.

I hate being so judgmental and negative. Its true i judge a book by its cover ( i actually do that in bookstores) A great part of the evening was dull. When i talked to the english baby sitter she told me that i was more grown up than my age. Ohh i so wish you wouldn't say that thats why i feel like i can't really make conversations of meaning on the meet bus with 70 other teens. Thats why i never fit in with my age. I spent the evening with baby sam looking at his eyes while he slowly drifted to sleep. 

Tomorrow I'm spending a night in wahit il salam with meet. I hope this time that i will find a group that is a tad bit more interesting. I'm afraid i'll be cold tomorrow and its not because i dont have enough sheets to keep me warm. 

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  1. Well done Malak, keep up the good work..!
    Omar Yousef